Monday, December 10, 2012

Even more Kyoryuger toys: weapons and more!

Fresh from the pages of the toy catalogs comes the latest Kyoryuger toys. Starting at the top, we have the Jyuden MoBuckle. It's a smartphone that acts as a battery storage device and charger for the Beast Batteries. The belt rotates 90 degrees and can be detached from the belt to become the communication device for the Kyoryuger heroes. The belt set includes one of the Beast Batteries, which you will notice is labeled "#16" -- and the image on it is not one of the main cast's dinosaur batteries, it instead appears to be an elasmosaurus or other aquatic dinosaur. The katakana reads, "byonsumo", which is probably shortened to not have "saurus" on the end.

Much like Kamen Rider Fourze and Wizard, expect the Beast Batteries to be collectible capsule toy machine items.

Next, we have the GabuRevolver, which is the Kyoryuger's transformation device. In an earlier post, I explained how the Kyoryuger characters insert a battery into the gun's mouth, fan the hammer, spin the cylinder, and then fire into the air, which causes them to transform. It doubles as a side-arm. They also have a sword based weapon called the GabuRicalibur (play on Excalibur most likely), and this appears to be the sword weapon that they use. There are small vents or barrels next to the blade, and the grip almost looks like a stock. It's quite possible that this is not only a sword, but some kind of carbine rifle or shotgun. Two swordguns in a year? Could it be? Or are we looking at a projectile weapon with a bayonet?

I like to see women of that... Ricalibur?

Gabu, incidentally, is an onomatopoeia word for the sound one makes when biting down hard on something. The closest English equivalent would definitely be "chomp".

Thirdly, we have a dagger called the Kentaros Dagger, a curved, kukri-like serrated blade. It's less clear what the purpose of the Kentaros Dagger actually is. If the GabuRicalibur is supposed to be a sword, then why would they need the dagger too? If that's the case, it could be a gattai (combining) weapon, or it could be a special item of some sort. Whatever the case, the weapons can be purchased as a set, and they come with the Stegocchi Beast Battery.

Lastly, there's your obligatory bop bag, which every series gets.

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