Monday, December 10, 2012

Kyoryuger Robot Modes: Is it a Western?!

Once again, toy catalogs have revealed more information about the abilities and items of the upcoming Super Sentai series, Kyoryuger.

Firstly, the Beast Batteries are all numbered. The main characters all have low numbers: Kyoryu Red's is 1. The above sets show numbers as high as 22. Considering the way Kamen Rider Wizard's wizard rings are sold, this all but confirms that they'll be sold in capsule toy machines, and that one of the goals of the heroes will be to collect the batteries and gain the powers they hold. The Beast Batteries all light up when you press the button, and you can see the dinosaur on the plate. The suggested retail price is 900 yen for a set of three, but expect them to be sold in capsule toy machines too.

Secondly, the aforementioned GabuRicalibur can be set with the Beast Batteries in the flip down chamber (which strongly resembles an underslung grenade launcher on a carbine), and then pumped like a shotgun to activate the power within for a special attack. But that's not all! The GabuRicalibur and GabuRevolver combine into a large weapon called the GaburuCannon. The blade folds back and becomes an iron sight. This weapon has a fire selector and two firing modes: Machine Gun mode and pump action Shotgun Mode. 

Thirdly: while Gabutira, KyoryuRed's T-Rex partner, is the centerpiece of the combined giant robot, Kyoryujin, it can be combined in other configurations with the other dinosaurs to form different powerful forms. Similar to the different mecha configurations seen in Boukenger, when Kyoryujin is formed with  black and green as the arms, it becomes Kyoryujin Western. The text shows it singing, "Kyoryujin Western! YEEEE-HAW!"

When it combines with pink and blue, it becomes Kyoryujin Macho, and sings, "Kyoryujin Macho! Mukkimuki!" -- mukkimuki roughly means "muscular".

You will almost certainly note that the bottom part of Kyoryujin seems incomplete, as if it were designed to fit in to something. Regular Super Sentai viewers probably spotted this right away. It means that it's going to combine with another mech to form an even bigger mech.

Are you ready for Western wacky samba music dinosaur themed robot dinosaur pals with shotguns and revolvers?

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