Friday, December 7, 2012

Kyoryuger: Transform to the Rhythm of the Samba!

Even more Kyoryuger toy catalog pages have hit the web. These show how some of the Kyoryuger items work. These pages also confirm the initial reports that samba music would feature heavily in the show: the first catalog page features the phrases, "Transform to the rhythm of the samba!" and "Finisher (hissatsu waza)  to the rhythm of the samba!" -- since it's in quotes, this is probably something the items actually say.

Get Gloria Estefan on the phone, samba is BACK!
These pages also shed some light on how the actual transformations happen: each of the Kyoryuger heroes will carry a six-shooter like gun called the KyoryuRevolver. The hero first sets one of the special "Beast Batteries" (Jyuudenchi) into their weapon, strikes the hammer like a gunfighter fanning a six-shooter, and fast-spins the cylinder, then fires it into the air, initiating their henshin sequence!

Their finishing attack also involves setting a battery into their weapon. One can only assume that much like recent Kamen Rider shows, the batteries are varied and have different effects, and that they'll become items that one collects from a gashapon machine.

Considering the bandolera type sashes the characters wear, and their six shooters, is it possible that Super Sentai is taking the route that many fans have been hoping for for years and doing a Western or cowboy type show?

Other pictures show how the different mecha combine, and how they accept the Beast Batteries. KyoryuRed's T-Rex appears to eat the battery with a mighty "chomp!" sound effect.

The last new photo shows the entire team at a much higher resolution than before, and it mentions that the Dinosaur Hero motif is super popular among children. Below, it mentions that it's a "fun" "cheerful" and "funny" drama with cheerful and fun music. Many have been theorizing that we may be looking at another fun, humorous series similar to GoOnger or Car Ranger, and this promotional material all but confirms it. This is a complete 180 after the mostly serious GoBusters, and the quite dark Kamen Rider Wizard.

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