Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Victoria's Secret and Evangelion

So apparently this was a thing.

Last night, Victoria's Secret had a fashion show/concert on television. No, I didn't watch it -- I saw this because a friend's wife watched it and having seen Evangelion, her response was basically surprise. The jury's still out on whether or not one's reaction to it is positive or negative. The show was described as "trashy", by the way. 

Victoria's Secret has been called our recently for two incidents in which they've been wristslapped by individuals for seeming racism, though technically their offerings are probably no more racist than the slew of "sexy Halloween costumes" one sees in shops every Halloween.

While it's not an exact duplicate of the anime version of the plugsuit, it's close enough that one doesn't have to look hard to see that it's clearly intended to be Rei Ayanami's. The model's name is Jourdan Dunn.

According to J-Cast News, a Japanese business and media news site, the Evangelion plugsuit is completely unlicensed by Gainax, and Victoria's Secret only mentioned it as being "inspired by Japanese anime". Gainax was not contacted prior to the fashion show, and only learned about it when photos of it began to hit 2ch.

So what do you think? Should Gainax be concerned about this co-opting of their designs, or is this just an example of mass produced cosplay in a foreign country? Is Hideaki Anno going to get all butthurt and refuse to do any more Rebuild of Evangelion episodes? And perhaps the most important question, if they're co-opting Hideaki Anno creations for a fashion show, when will we see the Sugar Sugar Rune themed costumes hit the runway? Striped stockings and giant witch hats are the new hotness.
Fashion couture.

Photo courtesy Victoria's Secret

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