Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Akibaranger themed restaurant opens in Akihabara

Hey, fans of Akibaranger. Do you wish that like Akagi Nobuo, you too could hang out in a Super Sentai themed restaurant in Akihabara? Well, wish no further, because for a limited time, you too can hang out at the Delusion Cafe! It's not the Secret Base Cafe... it's a little different!

Sponsored by Pasela Resorts, the same company that operates the Kamen Rider: The Diner cafe that I posted about, this themed restaurant at the Bar Rhythm in Akiba promises to offer not only dishes and drinks based upon both Akibaranger and the official Super Sentai, but if the Kamen Rider restaurant is any indication, expect special goods and memorabilia as well.

The menu includes dishes devoted to several Super Sentai series, such as Jetman themed fried chicken wings and Dairanger themed onion rings, as well as drinks (both alcoholic and non alcoholic) based upon our heroes from Akibaranger, and several other Super Sentai. Every order comes with a limited edition exclusive Rainbow Bride (also read as 2D Waifu) Academy Z-Cune Aoi.

Some of the highlight drinks include S.P.D, an Akagi themed drink which, in this case, stands for Super Perfect Drink, an alcoholic Malshina themed drink, a Kabuki-cho themed drink called, "Resist me a little more..." (to fuel Akiba Yellow's fujoshi fantasies...) and an incredibly clever Moe Magnum themed drink, which includes a white drink topped with a hollyhock flower (hollyhock is "Aoi" in Japanese, as in Aoi-tan), which you load with three literal shots in red, blue, and yellow (though it's non-alcoholic). The description text reminds to you make sure you say "Here it comes!" (Ikuze!)  before downing it!

Here's the kicker... the restaurant will only be open from today (1/16/2013) to February 17, so if you're going to go, go quickly. With every order, you get one of five exclusive Aoi-tan or Satomi items, so like the song says, you can put it on your bag and flail around in otaku shame!

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