Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dynasty Warriors style Kamen Rider game coming in May.

Do you like Dynasty Warriors? Do you like Kamen Rider? Well, good news. Much like Gundam got the Dynasty Warriors treatment, Kamen Rider is about to get the same! Kamen Rider Battle Ride War is scheduled to hit the shelves in Japan for PS3 on May 23.

While not a collaboration between Koei and Bandai, Kamen Rider Battle Ride War promises to have expansive battlefields and exciting, realistic graphics, as well as a large number of selectable riders, each with their own special forms and powers. Not only this, but you can summon and ride each Rider's motorcycle and do battle with hordes of enemy mooks while mounted up! An upgrade system will ensure that the characters grow in power over time.

Wizard, Kabuto, W, Den-O, Kuuga, Agito, OOO and Fourze have all been confirmed, and pre-2000 Riders are rumored to be unlockables or DLC.

Currently, the game is a PS3 exclusive, and naturally, there's no plans to bring it overseas. But if you're into importing, it can be yours for the MSRP of 7,480 yen!

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