Monday, February 25, 2013

A Seventh Ranger for Kyoryuger: Kyoryu Cyan?!

It's been theorized that we were going to see at least one new character for Kyoryuger to have one representing each continent of Earth. Today on 2ch, scans hit the web of a never before seen ranger color, and man... this one's a doozy!

Say hello to the Steel Hero, Kyoryu Cyan!

An ancient warrior awakened from 500 years ago, Kyoryu Cyan goes by the real name Ramirez. He wears ancient skins, has a full beard, and is powered by the Ankydon Beast Battery, charged with the energy of Ankylosaurus. Perhaps the most shocking thing of all: his actor does NOT APPEAR TO BE JAPANESE! While we have had foreign characters in Super Sentai before such as Peggy Matsuyama, Miss America, and Ninja Black, with the possible humorous exception of Shinken Brown (who was never an "official" Shinkenger), Ramirez may very well be the first official non-ethnically Japanese actor to play a Super Sentai character.

Some fans on 2ch have jokingly referred to the revelation of Kyoryu Cyan as "Gaijinger".

A new color... and a new first in Super Sentai. Is Kyoryuger changing the face of Super Sentai forever? And how will the fans react? What do you think of this?

Update: Ramirez/KyoryuCyan is confirmed to be played by actor Robert Baldwin who previously appeared in another Toei tokusatsu sci-fi series, Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.