Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Akibaranger Character Redesigns?!

The latest issue of Figure Oh shows some of the new Akibaranger figures on the cover! But are our heroes getting an upgrade?! Akiba Red seems to have a body armor formed of the new purple haired Aoi-tan series character that bears a striking resemblence to Malshina. If you look closely, the armor features the character hugging Akiba Red's body closely -- her arm is draped across his chest, her head is on her shoulder, and one of her legs is draped across his. Some viewers are already drawing comparisons between this armor and anime hug pillows (dakimakura)... which, knowing Akibaranger, would fit the theme.

Meanwhile, Akiba Blue and Akiba Yellow are sporting Chinese style hair buns. The cover says, "SERIES 2 IS PAIN MAX!"

Whether these are power upgrades or minor costume changes affected by the heroes in season 2 remains to be seen...

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