Thursday, February 21, 2013

Akibaranger Character Redesigns/Upgrades Confirmed

Earlier today we posted a cover of a magazine that suggested that the characters in Akibaranger were going to receive upgrades or alterations to their costumes. Today, images hit 2ch of close-ups of the redesigns. It is now confirmed that Akiba Red will receive some kind of upgrade featuring the purple Aoi-tan character, and it appears to be a girl hugging Akiba Red.

Not only this, but the redesigns for Akiba Blue and Yellow are similarly confirmed. Akiba Blue now sports a swiveling ponytail, and Akiba Yellow has the aforementioned Chinese buns with white ties on both of them.


Akiba Blue, in fact, has garter stockings now.
And not to be outdone by Akiba Red, they seem to want their own armor.
But the real question at hand is... where are the original cast? According to people who were on set yesterday afternoon, they filmed in several locations including in front of Mandarake Complex (which is directly down the street from Sasaki Ponpoko Delivery), but the actors weren't seen on set. Were they just filming exterior shots for the show on a good weather day, or have the cast been (temporarily) replaced as part of a plotline?

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