Monday, February 25, 2013

Robert Baldwin: Kyoryu Cyan actor biography.

A helpful poster on 4chan directed me to this biography of actor Robert Baldwin from an interview that the the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website had with him. Baldwin will be playing Kyoryu Cyan in Kyoryuger.

"Robert Baldwin is a Canadian citizen born in Kyoto and raised in Hiroshima. He is proficient in both Japanese and English, speaking both languages like a native. After moving to Canada in 1979, he completed his high school education at Caledonia Senior Secondary School in Terrace, British Columbia. After having spent some time working as a tour guide for Japanese tourists in Banff, Alberta, Robert returned to Japan in 1995. Since then, Robert has worked primarily as a translator, while taking on jobs as an actor and television celebrity."

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs site, he describes himself as an anime otaku, and when he appeared in Sazer-X, his figure was the second highest selling (likely after the main hero). Godspeed you, Robert Baldwin. You're living the dream. You're an inspiration to all of us living overseas!

Say, Robert... you think you could put in a good word for me with the Akibaranger crew at Toei? I still have my dream of becoming Akiba White in the third season.


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