Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Watch It Before Toei Removes It: Akibaranger Season 2 Production Video

Want to see the production video for Akibaranger Season 2 and glean some tantalizing bits of information about the upcoming story? Then check this out before Toei removes it! It's not available ourside of Japan yet, but some people have re-uploaded it into accounts that aren't region locked.

Among the things you'll see...
  • Nobuo's actor mentoring new actress Sawada Shione (she is TALL!)
  • Ogino Karin!
  • Hakase!
  • KozKoz!
  • Akiba Red's new armor and Moe Dagger!
  • This year's foot soldiers!
  • And lastly (and perhaps most interestingly), Malshina with a purple MMZ-01 shouting, "JAMOUSOU!" -- which means "EVIL DELUSION!" instead of "GRAND DELUSION!"

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