Thursday, February 7, 2013

We Rider now.

Viewers of the long running magical girl series Pretty Cure may have caught this clever reference no doubt inserted for the parents of the target age group. It seems that in the new series' first episode, when faced with a giant enemy crab which is being a jerk by trying to hog the view from the Sky Tree for himself, the main character is instructed to transform and defeat him. So she attempts to do it in the way one would expect to transform when you're a Japanese superhero.

This, of course, turns out to not be the proper way to transform, as she is a magical girl, not a Kamen Rider, but this clever reference is absolutely a reference to the famous pose of Kamen Rider #1, Takeshi Hongo.

Whether or not the character is aware of Kamen Rider, or whether any more clever references to other Toei properties will be implemented remains to be seen, but PreCure has often been described as "Kamen Rider for girls". Toei Animation may have some surprises in store for the keen eyed viewer yet.

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