Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Not Just a Delusion: Real Life Akibaranger Locations

Did you know that most of the places show in Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger actually exist? It's true! Most of the places shown in "the real world" in Akibaranger are real locations in and around Akihabara (delusion sequences typically take place in other locations). When I was there in November, I happened to take some photos of these locations, and I hope you enjoy them. Feel free to ask any questions, and I'll be back there next week, so more will be forthcoming!

This should come as a familiar site to fans of Akibaranger: this is White Canvas, a popular doujinshi store that served as the exterior location for the Secret Base Cafe.


That's not the Machine Itasher. Delusion ruined.

Akagi thinks about getting a kebab here.

Then tears off down the street after remembering: NO DELUSIONS.
"Normal people can die in a fire!"

Do you recognize this one? This is the real life storefront that served as Sasaki Ponpoko Delivery in the show.

This is Chuo Street, the street that the Itasher Robo can be seen fighting on in the opener. It slides past the store seen in the background. The businesses are photoshopped to avoid royalties.

After having their MMZ-01's taken away, the gang relax here. Well, Mitsuki and Yumeria relax. Akagi sulks.
There's the seat where they were sitting.

This is the bridge where Yumeria can be seen in the opening credits, just before her wig blows off.
Here it is from the angle in the show, looking the reverse direction. This is where Akagi also decides to go to the Pentagon.
Itasher Robo crashed into the real world, and we found our heroes running in place here at Akihabara UDX.
This scene is frequently used as a setting shot, with the yellow-striped JR Chuo Line train running across it.
More to come another time!

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