Saturday, April 6, 2013

Akibaranger Season Two (Warning: Spoilers)

Welp. Hatte Saburo has done it again. If you've seen the first episode of Akibaranger Season Two (Tsuu), you'll no doubt have noticed this by now, but the episode was a recap episode of the last season... except it was a recap of things that never happened, because the storyline diverges from what we know to have been true to things that aren't true. If you haven't seen it, then let me first warn you that spoilers are going to follow this point:

Never mind that the opening sequence, the eyecatches, and theme song appear to still be under construction, to the point where Haruko Momoi isn't even finished singing it yet, ("It's too painful... sorry!")

Akagi seems to have forgotten that he was part of a television show, and Mitsuki was the one chosen to go to the Pentagon, not Akagi. Additionally, she was invited AFTER the defeat of the final boss, not mid-season as we saw in the previous series.

And then we got a Dr. Maki cameo.

But even more disturbing than that appears to be the fact that Dairanger has somehow been wiped from official continuity and replaced with Akibaranger! That's right, Dairanger never existed, the continuity of shows goes Jetman, Zyuranger, Akibaranger, Kakuranger now! Somehow, Akibaranger has become official, and the only ones who remember Dairanger are our heroes! Truly, Hatte Saburo is a cruel genie, a monkey's paw that grants wishes, but twists them to his own designs!

Can the heroes repair the official continuity? Is that why Kibaranger is the only suit to appear in the American Power Rangers? Tune in next week! 

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