Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chinese Super Sentai: Not April Fool's.

First of all, I waited until after April 1st to post this. I don't do that whole April Fool's Day thing with trying to trick people into thinking their favorite show was getting a movie, getting cancelled, coming back, etc. April Fool's has evolved with the Internet into a holiday for tricking nerds, and while it's funny sometimes, I sometimes am not into it. There were a few cute ones this year, like one that there was going to be an American release of Kamen Rider Fourze called Power Rider Apollo, which was given some credence due to the fact that whomever came up with the gag had obviously seen it, and had even generated some fake script pages.

Now that I'm back from Japan, I wanted to direct your attention to something a friend showed me, and I found on Youtube. Have you ever wondered if China has a Super Sentai equivalent? China is famed for not only manufacturing many of the Super Sentai toys, they also tend to be fans of Japanese television for the most part (Sailor Moon was huge there in the 1990s!)

This is Ju Shen Zhan Ji Dui, and you can watch the whole episode here online. A fully Chinese equivalent of Super Sentai, it features a number of the same types of monster, robot, and fight effects you can find in the Japanese versions. Unfortunately, my Chinese is almost nonexistent, so I can't really tell you what's being said, but it's worth a look just to see how the different styles compare.

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