Sunday, April 14, 2013

In the name of the moon, I will buy this.

If you thought S.H. Figuarts just made Rider, Sentai, and PreCure figures, good news: this is coming out in August, and you can bet I'll be getting it. Classic Series One Sailor Moon with the Moon Stick.

Unfortunately, we cannot see if she includes all of the various brooches and weapons that she carries up through Sailor Moon S (remember that her costume changed as an upgrade in late S and for the duration of SuperS). But there is at least a possibility that she will include them. By the way, the rebooted series is rumored to be out in the summer. Since the Figuarts usually come out shortly after the show releases (sales are boosted by the show release), there's a possibility we'll see the new television series in July or August also. We hope. Expect an absolute merchandising deluge. Sailor Moon was probably the first magical girl or even shojo series to really receive this level of merchandise.

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