Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eighth and Ninth Rangers for Kyoryuger.

Sakamoto, the producer of Kyoryuger, tends to live by a "more is better" policy -- there is no such thing as over the top when he is at the helm. It is probably unsurprising that recently, fans heard that KyoryuGrey will be a thing. Details are sketchy thusfar, but it's thought that he (or she) will be partnered with Bunpachy and will have the moniker, "The Elegant Hero". No telling if they'll be a full member of the cast like Utchy, or only a part-time Spirit Warrior like Ramirez.

And then there's this, from popular tokusatsu kids' magazine Terebi-kun.The silhouette strongly resembles the space fighters from Macross. A look at the toy catalogs show that this is the next mecha to join the Kyoryuger arsenal, Plesion in its rocket form... but the hero's helmet is completely different from Tobaspino's hero's helmet (bottom right). 

It's believed that due to the coloration of Plesion that he belongs to a yet to be seen hero named Kyoryu Violet. The names Kyoryu Navy and Kyoryu Indigo have been thrown around as possible names for Tobaspino's pilot (which is incidentally Battery 00) but nobody seems to know for sure just yet.

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