Thursday, May 30, 2013

Official Unofficial Akibaranger Ranger Keys out for pre-order.

Hey, you like Akibaranger, right? Sure, who doesn't? So, how would you like to have your very own Gokaiger Ranger Keys, perfect for use in the Mobirates?!

Yes, that's right. According to Bandai Gashapon's Facebook page, our unofficial heroes will be available in both their Season 1 and Season 2 forms. Also, since they are unofficial, they won't work in the Mobirates or the Legend Mobirates. And also, please note, these are not "Ranger Keys", but "Resoger Keys". That one little similar katakana keeps them from being official, it seems. Orders will begin today and proceed through July, with the final product due to be delivered in December.

Are you getting a set? I'll be in Japan in December, so I'm thinking about it...

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