Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Possibly Fake] The Next Kamen Rider is...

Someone on 2ch posted this, claiming to have seen the copyright registration for the new Kamen Rider series (the one following wizard). The photo here is the alleged screencap.

The name in the registration is Kamen Rider GAIMU. The kanji beneath GAIMU are written as well. GAI meaning "armor equipped" and "MU" meaning "chivalrous warrior". This says literally nothing about the show and its gimmicks, as technically speaking, every Kamen Rider is an armored chivalrous warrior.

We should have the official information in a few hours, since today is the day that the copyright information for the show officially hits. Is Kamen Rider Gaimu the next Rider? Or is this a clever troll post by a Japanese prankster? We'll know shortly!

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