Thursday, July 25, 2013

Actual good picture of Gaimu characters.

So the fruit's finally out of the bag, so to speak. Gaimu has finally been shown off to audiences, and some plot details have emerged.

Summarized courtesy of Magenta over at Over-Time, the setting appears to be a strange alternate reality where castles and samurai still exist in the same day and age as future technology and corporations. The plot appears to involve street gangs as samurai clans, each with their own Riders (similar to Ryuki), and a mysterious corporation called Yggdrassil with their own rider and unclear purposes. The characters appear to be able to conjure battling monsters (similar to Pokemon) by means of their Lock Seeds.

To make matters even more bizarre, it appears that the rival street gangs dance, similar to West Side Story.

While the storyline has elements that have been seen in OOO (a powerful corporation) and Ryuki (battling Riders), the summoned mini-monsters are quite similar to the Foodroids and Plamonsters from Fourze and Wizard respectively, but this time they seem to be about to take a major role.

 So... we have an orange sword, and Strawberry and Pineapple locks on his belt. The Lock Seed that goes on his driver opens to reveal the kind of fruit he's using.

From left to right: coconut, banana, orange, grape, and melon.
The characters we know and their abilities are:
Gaimu (鎧武) (in the center, blue)- Orange Arms, Pine(apple) Arms, Strawberry Arms and Watermelon Arms
Balon (バロン) (red and yellow) - Banana Arms and Mango Arms
Ryugen (龍玄) (green and purple) - Grape Arms and Kiwi Arms
Zangetsu (white, to the far right) (斬月) - Muskmelon Arms

We don't have a name yet for the coconut rider yet. We do know there's six main male actors, so the likelihood of getting a sixth character is quite high -- especially since this is the sixth series since Decade, and Toei has been adding one element to the Driver for every year since: one Card, two Gaia Memories, three Medals, four Switches, five Elemental Rings.

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