Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First look at Gaimu from the front.

This low-resolution photo turned up last night. It does appear to be legitimate -- the photo location is the NTT Corporate Complex in Chiba Prefecture, a very well known filming location for tokusatsu shows.

The rumors have been that Gaimu is fruit based. That does appear to be at least somewhat true. It appears that he has a banana crest, orange peel armor, and a strawberry visor. The rumors about the Lock Seeds to seem to be consistent with what he is holding here.The rumor was that he places the lock into his driver and then cuts it. Note that he has a cutting blade attached to the driver itself, and what appears to be a slice cut from the lock, which appearantly flips down after being sliced open.

Here's the original picture from the rear for comparison.

Opinions on it appear to be going both ways -- some say it looks interesting, some say it looks horrifying and cheap, but I remind you, it's pretty low resolution, the shot from the rear shows it in much better contrast.

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