Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kamen Rider Gaimu cast information.

Following the official information posted on the site, let's discuss some of the actors who will be appearing in Kamen Rider Gaimu as Riders, and some of their past work.

Sano Gaku (21) will be playing Kazuraba Kouta, the protagonist who becomes Kamen Rider Gaimu. A relatively new actor, he's appeared in minor roles in the GTO series as recently as last year.

Kobayashi Yutaka (24) will be playing Kumon Kaito, Gaimu's rival, Kamen Rider Balon. He has appeared in the Prince of Tennis stage musical, as well as appeared briefly in Dream High.

Takasugi Mahiro (17) will appear as Kureshima Matsuzane, the Chinese themed green/purple Kamen Rider Ryuugen. You may have seen him recently in a minor role in other tokusatsu series, GARO.

Veteran actor Kubata Yuuki (32) appears as Kurashima Takatora, Kamen Rider Zangetsu. He has had roles in the feature film Kamen Rider: The Next, co-starred in the Prince of Tennis stage musical, and has appeared in Sengoku Basara and GARO.

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