Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ToQ #6 Revealed at Last

Jesus, it's been a while, hasn't it?

I haven't updated this thing in months, and for that, I'm sorry. I haven't forgotten about you all, though.

The first thing I wanted to mention to you is that back in March, I was in Tokyo, as I frequently am, and happened to be invited to be an extra on ToQger. Talk about your dreams coming true. It was filmed at Tokyo Dome City (the episode that introduces Zed the Emperor of Darkness), and among the many things I got to do, I got to ride the roller coaster in the scene you see with the cast. I also appear in a few other places in the episode, but I can talk about that another time.

What I'm here to talk about today is ToQ #6 has been revealed at last in the pages of magazine Terebi Kun.  No, it's not Zed, no matter how fascinated with KIRA★KIRA he seems to be.

You should be, now others are baiting people with bad guys who seem to want to be good too.

That's not him either, that's Regina from DokiDoki Pretty Cure, another series that made it look like a villain would be the next hero, and then trolled everyone when she didn't.

No, the new hero used to be a Shadow member long ago and actually resembled a Wild West desperado, but he had a change of heart after witnessing the beauty of the rainbow. With a missing memory, Right and the others give him the name Nijino Akira. That means "Light of the Rainbow", if you're into the significance of names.

So anyway, he sees the rainbow and apparently decides he likes hanging out with a bunch of undead teenagers more than he likes being a gunfighter monster, and he puts on a tanktop and becomes cheesecake for all the mothers and fujoshi to enjoy.

♪ Young men, there's no need to feel down... ♪
All kidding aside, part of his character appears to be that he's looking for the place where he died, a sort of grim element that may further explore the earlier discussion about whether Right and the others are actually dead, in a coma as some have theorized, or something else. Like all popular Sixths, his transformation device, the AppChanger (English speakers say apps, Japanese speakers say "appli", differs from the other, resembling a smartphone with a track for inserting the train, which, appropriately enough, is called the Build Express.

I should mention that traditionally, a rainbow is said to have seven colors, and given Zed's appreciation for purple, there's certainly room for a violet themed ToQ #7 somewhere in the future.

Look forward to Akira's debut on June 22nd!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ToQ #6 Scans hit the Internet.

Even before its first airdate, confirmation of ToQger's (that's Tokkyuger for those of you who aren't into Toei's abbreviation) sixth member, ToQ #6. With a default color of orange, he wears a black and yellow safety stripe vest and carries an illuminated handheld cone called the Yuudou Breaker (Guide Breaker) which construction workers in Japan use to guide people safely past areas where construction is underway. It doubles as a sword for him.

He also carries a sliding style Smartphone with a number of special features.

It's been noted by fans that this year is particularly interesting, because we'll have an orange in both Sentai and Rider. Some believe that since we're getting an orange and the rainbow is a significant theme in this year's series, ToQger will feature orange, as well as an indigo, violet, and possibly a white hero to be added later.

Though I'd personally vote for Gold, because everybody knows there's gold at the end of a rainbow.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tokkyuger Theme Song and new PreCure

Hello, dear readers. Here is a brief break from the SUFFERING in Kamen Rider Gaim over the past few weeks: someone managed to get a mobile phone recording of the theme to Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, the train themed Sentai that begins in a few weeks.

It's a really catchy, high energy, high speed song that suits the high-speed motif of the trains, as well as has lyrics about running to catch your train, which is often a common occurrence in Japan.

Additionally, DokiDoki Pretty Cure ended yesterday, which means that Happiness Charge Pretty Cure starts next week.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No definitive Akibaranger 3 announcement at Super Hero Fest.

At the Tokyo Budokan, Super Hero Fest came and went with various announcements about Gaim and Tokkyuger, and though Masato Wada, Akagi's actor was present, there was no announcement about a Season 3, much to the disappointment of fans. Despite this, in a medley of Super Sentai themes (and a brief troll by Nobuo Akagi where he came out in costume and appeared to be about to announce Season 3, but instead said the actors were all too busy with other projects), they did perform Akibaranger Season 2's theme, perhaps as a sort of posthumous acknowledgement that they are counted among the ranks of the heroes.

Fans haven't given up hope yet, it appears. Some fan tweets mention the schedule of the staff, and the possibility of Akiba 3 starting up in the fall. Whether this is based upon some kind of knowledge or just pure delusion is up in the air.

One fan tweeted "I'll wait 10 years for Akibaranger 3 if I have to!"

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Akibaranger Season 3 Forthcoming?

Hello, all you wonderful people, and Happy New Year to you.

I just returned from Tokyo last week, and while there isn't anything dramatically new out there, it's worth mentioning two things: Gundam models are selling extremely well, and more Akibaranger may be happening this year.

Just yesterday, the official Akibaranger site updated Hakase's blog with a reminder about next week's Super Hero Fest. You will remember that last year, Super Hero Fest was interrupted with a surprise scene by Nobuo Akagi (which I reported about here). She reminds people not to forget about Akibaranger just because it's a new year, and says that nothing like last year's surprise scene could ever happen this year... could it?

Hakase is of course referring to the humorously tragic end of Season 2, in which the Akibaranger heroes are forced to heroically sacrifice their lives to prevent an alien invasion, thanks to an unconscious accidental death flag dropped by Hakase herself.

The indication is that a third season of Akibaranger is quite possible... we'll certainly know next week.