Thursday, January 9, 2014

Akibaranger Season 3 Forthcoming?

Hello, all you wonderful people, and Happy New Year to you.

I just returned from Tokyo last week, and while there isn't anything dramatically new out there, it's worth mentioning two things: Gundam models are selling extremely well, and more Akibaranger may be happening this year.

Just yesterday, the official Akibaranger site updated Hakase's blog with a reminder about next week's Super Hero Fest. You will remember that last year, Super Hero Fest was interrupted with a surprise scene by Nobuo Akagi (which I reported about here). She reminds people not to forget about Akibaranger just because it's a new year, and says that nothing like last year's surprise scene could ever happen this year... could it?

Hakase is of course referring to the humorously tragic end of Season 2, in which the Akibaranger heroes are forced to heroically sacrifice their lives to prevent an alien invasion, thanks to an unconscious accidental death flag dropped by Hakase herself.

The indication is that a third season of Akibaranger is quite possible... we'll certainly know next week.

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