Wednesday, January 15, 2014

No definitive Akibaranger 3 announcement at Super Hero Fest.

At the Tokyo Budokan, Super Hero Fest came and went with various announcements about Gaim and Tokkyuger, and though Masato Wada, Akagi's actor was present, there was no announcement about a Season 3, much to the disappointment of fans. Despite this, in a medley of Super Sentai themes (and a brief troll by Nobuo Akagi where he came out in costume and appeared to be about to announce Season 3, but instead said the actors were all too busy with other projects), they did perform Akibaranger Season 2's theme, perhaps as a sort of posthumous acknowledgement that they are counted among the ranks of the heroes.

Fans haven't given up hope yet, it appears. Some fan tweets mention the schedule of the staff, and the possibility of Akiba 3 starting up in the fall. Whether this is based upon some kind of knowledge or just pure delusion is up in the air.

One fan tweeted "I'll wait 10 years for Akibaranger 3 if I have to!"

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  1. In a way if they were brought back to life it would be even funnier because that death episode would seem so pathetic!