Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ToQ #6 Scans hit the Internet.

Even before its first airdate, confirmation of ToQger's (that's Tokkyuger for those of you who aren't into Toei's abbreviation) sixth member, ToQ #6. With a default color of orange, he wears a black and yellow safety stripe vest and carries an illuminated handheld cone called the Yuudou Breaker (Guide Breaker) which construction workers in Japan use to guide people safely past areas where construction is underway. It doubles as a sword for him.

He also carries a sliding style Smartphone with a number of special features.

It's been noted by fans that this year is particularly interesting, because we'll have an orange in both Sentai and Rider. Some believe that since we're getting an orange and the rainbow is a significant theme in this year's series, ToQger will feature orange, as well as an indigo, violet, and possibly a white hero to be added later.

Though I'd personally vote for Gold, because everybody knows there's gold at the end of a rainbow.

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