Sunday, May 24, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #1

So I haven't updated this blog in a year. Almost a year exactly, actually, which is interesting. I've missed out on talking about Drive and Ninninger, but it's okay, because I have a new hobby now, and that's subtitling. I'm currently working on Special Rescue Police Winspector.

In 1990, Toei took a new direction with Metal Heroes. While Jiban was a police action series with robots, it was still about bio mutants and fantastic stuff. Winspector, however, was something different: a police drama about the near future, where abuses of science facilitated acts of heinous violence and terrorism. Rather than bio mutants and aliens, Winspector's enemies were frequently normal individuals driven by normal motivations, there is no "main bad guy organization", and while the main hero was a transforming hero, most of the episodes are spent focused on police investigation and tracking down the criminals.

Winspector did well, toys sold well, and the series was exported to several countries including Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, and Indonesia.

Now, I'm bringing it to you in English for the first time. I have left in both the Japanese and Portuguese audio from the raws.

Special Rescue Police Winspector: lovers of peace, believers in friendship. To protect the lives of innocents, they confront crime head-on! They are the Tokyo Metropolitan Police's special emergency unit!


> Why Winspector?
Because I think it's a good show, and I want others to enjoy it too. Shows like Knight Rider and Automan seem to have had an influence on it.

> What's your group? What's Weeaboo Shogun?
It's just me. It's a joke. The translation, timing, and subbing is just me. But I do want to thank Ignis from Over-Time for helping me get this muxed and out to you, and MegaAnon for advice.

> Why do Walter and Bichael do that thing with their arms?
Because they're ROBOTS. Beep boop.

> Why do you subtitle Bichael like that?
Because Bichael talks with a Nagoya accent, which is vastly different from the normal Japanese the others use. There is a storyline reason why he talks like that, but I won't spoil it yet, but it is relevant so I tried to leave it in. The accent is a little rude and kind of "humorous" so I went with kind of a Jersey/Peter Griffin sort of "voice" for him.

> Is Hiroshi Miyauchi wearing a Nazi uniform?
Unfortunately, yes. That gets fixed later in the series. From what I read, they took the uniform from the costumes department after it was used in a World War II film, and the SS logo stayed on the lapel.

> I thought you were going to batch these.
I'm going to try to do one thread/post per episode because there are some episodes I want to say some stuff about. The episodes seem to go from "completely batshit insane" to "serious and touching emotional drama" from time to time.

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  1. Thanks for the release and thank you for keeping the Brazilian Audio from the release. I didn't download it yet, so I don't know if the subtitles are hardcoded or not, but if they aren't, I was going to ask if I could extract them and merge with the Brazilian Release - I guess I don't even have to bother. :D

    Thank you once again.

    1. Muito obrigado and glad you're enjoying the series! I have heard from many people from Brazil about how this series is a great memory from their childhood.

  2. I love winspector and aways wanted see the show in original audio, I have an original VHS with 2 episodes in portuguese! =D

  3. This is so exciting! Thanks so much for working on this!