Friday, May 29, 2015

Winspector Figuarts Announced: Goodbye, Bichael, hello Bikel.

So, first of all, let me dispel any rumors: I don't work for Bandai or Tamashii Nations. This is just the weirdest coincidence of all time. Today, literally the same week that I released the first two episodes of Winspector, Bandai/Tamashii Nations announced that figures of Fire, Bikel, and Walter are going to be released this year -- and they showed these completed models!

This is a fantastic turn of events and I will absolutely be getting them.

There is one other thing that I must address however, and it is this.

Yeeeeeeahhh... looks like Bikel may actually be the official spelling. Oddly, that's what I was originally going to use, but I decided that Bichael sounded more of a "human name" like Walter has so I went with that. So... let it be known that in future releases I will be using Bikel to correspond with the names of the S.H. Figuarts toys for easier searching for them. When the batch release comes out I will update episodes 1 and 2 to match the correct spelling. Sorry about that, folks. There was no official Japanese Romanization of the name prior to this, all the toy boxes had it in katakana.

Oh, you may be wondering, why is his name not simply Biker? Because you write Biker as バイカー. 


  1. Y'know, in Brazil he was actually named "Biker". Walter also had his name changed to "Highter".

  2. Well, sometimes spelling may be wrong. Bichael" would sound more appropriate.

    1. I totally think it sounds better as Bichael (like Michael) but there's an episode later on where they zoom in on the WinBadge, and there's a button marked "BIKEL". I only noticed it because I had to subtitle a scene and it got paused on the close up. I guess it's been that way ever since the beginning.