Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #3

Scared of Rubber Snakes Edition

A Toast to Friendship
When two bumbling crooks accidentally release a deadly pit viper that they were ordered to steal, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police springs into action. But when Ryota's friend is bitten by the snake, it becomes a race against time to save his life! Will Winspector rescue Ryota's friend and administer the antivenom in time?

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What does Ryoma say when he transforms?
In Japanese, it's "chakka" (着化). It basically means "get equipped". In Kyukyu Sentai GoGoV, another rescue show, for example, their transformation call is "chakusou", which means roughly the same thing. It is a phrase you would use when equipping armor or other lifesaving apparatuses.

However, in Winspector, this is actually a kanji pun. The word Ryoma says should actually be written 着火. It is still pronounced "chakka", and it means "ignite", like to ignite a fire. I went through a few iterations of transformation words before settling on SUIT UP (I also considered "Ignition!".)

I chose to go with SUIT UP because of the meaning the kanji was trying to convey, and because in Solbrain, the sequel series to Winspector, the transformation call is in English, "Plus Up".

Enjoy Episode 3!


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