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WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #10

Special Rescue Police Winspector

Episode 10

"Get Back at the Grown Ups"

As Ryoma struggles to overcome the physical limitations of the CrossTector, he encounters an unusual case: a group of kids who seem to have a grudge against grown-ups and the police in particular. What's going on here? Why are the kids trying to take revenge? And what's really behind the events? As the events spiral out of control, the city is plunged into danger, and Ryoma finds himself exceeding the CrossTector time limit... at great risk to his own life!

Advanced computer graphics for 1990.

Super sorry about the delay in getting this up. The box that I use for seeding was not available as I mentioned in the last post. This gave me ample time, however, to work on more episodes, so I should be able to get them out a bit quicker than what I did before.

What to say about this episode... it's a pretty good episode. Lots of action, a great "training" scene reminiscent of the training from Changeman. The "kid detective" concept has been used in various Toei Fushigi Comedy shows like Haadogumi, Tantei-dan, and that one about the baseball kids that I can never remember the title of. It's a solid concept, but they quickly get in over their head.

I have noticed in Winspector that they only really use the CrossTector Time Limit plot element when they need a ticking clock element. Otherwise, Ryoma just wears it however long he wants to. This episode has him struggling to wear it longer than the established five minutes. It also introduces a plot element that comes into play much, much later: Ryoma is the only person who can wear the CrossTector.

There's a few fantastic lines in this episode that really help to characterize just how far Ryoma would go to save other people: when he's just had the CrossTector forceably pulled off of him, and says that if he could have just one more minute, or even thirty seconds of Suit Up time, that'd be enough to save more people -- and then later when his first thought is to the safety of the children. Whatta guy, huh? And check out that hand to hand flip when Commander Masaki tosses the radio from hand to hand. His acting in this episode is stellar.

You might be wondering what "land speculation" is. That's where people drive down the price of land to trivially cheap levels with the intention of "flipping" or reselling the land at much higher prices and making a huge profit on it. The Yakuza are notorious for threatening people or causing "accidents" to do this in Japan. An interesting story: when they were building the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, it was built on an artificial island in Osaka Bay, but they had to keep the location a secret so that organized criminals would not buy up the land that they were going to use as bridge access leading to the airport from the nearby town. From what I hear, the information leaked, speculators did buy up the land, and resold it to the government at exorbitant prices.

Enjoy it, friends. And again, sorry about the delay.

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