Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #13

When a foreign man known by the nickname Reaper Moss plots to steal the Japanese seed bank project in an effort to control the future food stores of mankind, he uses his vast resources and technological prowess to do so. Ryoma squares off against a supercar with abilities that surpass even the WinSquad!

WinSquad is destroyed, and Ryoma hovers on the brink of death. What will become of Special Rescue Police Winspector? Is this really the end?!


Notes on this episode:
This episode fires on all the right cylinders. It has amazing music and stunt choreography... with some hilarious cutaways between the models and the real thing. Yuko is back (yay!). Demitasse is introduced. And the WinFire hits the stage? What's the WinFire, you ask? Oh, you'll see.


Demitasse is one of the more fun characters to write for. He gets to sass everyone. An interesting note about his name: Demitasse is a small half-cup used in serving Turkish coffee, yes... but it was also the name of a popular brand of canned coffee available in coffee vending machines both then and now. The humor is obvious: he looks like a coffee can.

Enjoy this episode, because it sets up for a two-parter!

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