Thursday, September 3, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #16

When a lonely little girl who's having trouble making friends accidentally reveals her crush on Walter, Junko asks the Commander to let them meet. But two criminals put a plan to abduct Walter into practice. Cut off from Winspector HQ, and with his self-destruct timer ticking down... will Walter's first friend also be his last?

Finally, a robot focus episode! In this episode, the serious and humorless Walter loosens up a bit, and we see more of his sensitive side. Sensitive for Walter is still serious, but he tries. I hope you didn't cry when Number Five got beaten up in Short Circuit 2 or when robots get tortured because I have bad news for you about this episode.

This episode has a rare appearance from the infrequently used Spin Claw device, and the equally rare Secret Medal used by Demitasse.

A cute, feelgood episode that lets you know more about the personality of everyone's favorite green crimefighting robot. Enjoy!

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