Saturday, September 26, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #19

A rash of daylight home invasion robberies, all with the same M.O. The only witness? A young boy with a former detective father who claims to have seen it all. But now, that boy is in the suspect's crosshairs. What lengths will the boy's father go to in order save his son? And will Ryoma and his team be able to save them?

I didn't care for this episode at first, mostly because the focus of this story is not so much on Winspector themselves, but on other people who interact with them. It grew on me in my later viewings.

I think it's because I was assuming everyone to be misjudging the kid for lying, but in actuality, they were spot on: the kid actually is a compulsive liar. Note the scene where he says he sees the criminal's face. He actually doesn't. He sees the shoes, and that point is reiterated a few times.

What brings the plot together is why the kid feels a need to lie, and how he resolves the conflict between him and his father. As a side note, Winspector's version of 1999 Japan is apparently ahorrific crime ridden dystopia where even common burglars have easy access to dynamite.

The writer for this episode is Junichi Miyashita, whom as I have mentioned before, liked to put kids through nightmarish real life terrors, and he definitely does it here. Miyashita episodes have kids as hostages, snakebike victims, fall victims, zombie attacks (in Resident Evil) and far worse. Many tokusatsu writers give kids an easy pass. Miyashita always put kids through hell, but fortunately, always made them stronger for having endured it. Maybe that says a lot about the human situation in general, and it certainly shows here in this episode. Hope I didn't spoil it too much by telling you that the kid doesn't get murdered.

You'll see some more terrifying kid nightmare episodes from Miyashita later on in the series. That's all I'll say about that for now.

The bridge in this episode is Miyama Bridge, found at Mount Takao, which is part of a national park found in Hachioji just outside of Tokyo. It's frequently used in tokusatsu shows even to this day.

Image courtesy Wikimedia.
By the way, that song that you hear in the final scene on the bridge after the villain is subdued -- that's actually Masaru Yamashita, Ryoma's actor, singing. The song is an insert song called "Kimi ga shiawase nara" meaning "As Long as You are Happy".


  1. Thank you for bringing my childhood back! Keep up the great work. :)

  2. You've done an amazing job with the show. I've been needing more Metal Hero series. There are far too few subbed in English. I hope you keep trekking on!

  3. Oh my god... What a masterpiece! Keep up your good work!