Tuesday, November 3, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #25

Episode #25
"The Robot that Cried in the Rain"

When Bikel is damaged during a high risk takedown, his optic sensors begin to call up images of a woman he met, almost as if he's hallucinating. With the damage putting his career as a police officer at risk, can Bikel pull it together and do what needs to be done? Will the damage work itself out on its own? Or is he destined for the scrap heap?

If you love Bikel, and who doesn't, I have good news for you about this week's episode: this is one of his finest focus episodes. If you've never cried for a robot before, you just might after this one. 

Demitasse, why do you have to hate?
The scene where Bikel's sitting outside in the rain has some wonderful cinematography and music. 

The writing for this episode is sharp, feels very police-y, and hits you right in the heart. And it should: the writer is Nobuo Ogizawa, who regularly writes clever plots for Japanese police procedural shows, including Detective Conan, but got his start in Metal Heroes. GoGoV also has some of his episodes, and he's quite good at making things feel like police/detective work.
Not to be confused with the song by Rob Zombie.
The line that Commander Masaki gives at the end about why Bikel shorted out is just so, so good.

You will believe that a robot can cry. Enjoy.

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