Thursday, November 12, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #27

"The 100 Year Old Siren that Summoned the Stars"

When four children go missing in a single night, Winspector discovers a bizarre connection: each child was born on the same night within just three kilometers of each other. The culprit appears to be the leader of a mysterious apocalyptic cult. Is she truly a witch? Has Winspector met their match against her powers? Only the wisdom of a mountain shaman may save Ryoma, the children, and the world itself from utter destruction!

This is a Sagiyama episode, and I'm sorry to say, it's silly as hell. It involves a witch, an apocalyptic secret cult, and straight up magic. Oh, sure, they managed to reign Sagiyama in and probably forced her to say magic is science later because she loooooves her evil sorceresses, but on the positive side, the writing is good, and Ryoma shoots hooded Klansman looking guys. He has to consult with a yamabushi (a mountain shaman) to learn how to defeat the witch, because qi is like an electromagnetic force or something.

Despite the weird occult stuff this is not Space Sheriff Shaider, sorry.
QI! QI! AURA POWER! Wait, wrong show, that's Maskman, my mistake.

Also, my major gripe is that they say he tried to save Karura but he didn't really do as much as he usually does to save people. In any case, expect some weird near Shaider level Satanic witchcraft crap in this episode and try not to think too much about this Secret Society of Q that Ryoma knows about and only appears once ever, and you might enjoy it. The silliest episode is yet to come.

Next week's is not too bad, and we get the return of Ryoma's sister Yuko!

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