Saturday, November 21, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #28

Ryoma's sister Yuko meets a kind old couple on a bus and strikes up a friendship, visiting them at their assisted living home on the weekends. But the old man's past as a particle physicist comes back to haunt him... someone is after his old research for unknown purposes. When Yuko gets caught in the crossfire, the residents of the retirement home spring into action as unlikely heroes to save her! But will their greatest adventure also be their last?

Ryoma's little sister Yuko is back! She's really cute. I wonder what happened to her as an actress? I'm almost afraid to look her up. In any case, this is an episode about an unlikely adventure she has after meeting a group of elderly folks that live in a retirement home. A few notes for you: it's really common for younger people to call elderly people "grandpa" "grandpa" even if they're not their own grandpa/grandma, so I had to pretty much leave that in, even though she's clearly NOT their granddaughter.

The old fellow in the headband is nicknamed "Popeye" not after the cartoon character, but after pop-eyed goldfish which he claims to be researching.

I actually like this one. It's cute, it's funny, and it has a good message for kids: be nice to old folks.

I actually have an interesting story to tell about that. I was in Osaka Castle once and saw an old man who was in front of me drop some things out of his bag. He didn't notice, so I picked up his things and told him in Japanese that he had dropped them, gave them back. He was impressed that I could speak Japanese and was so polite, so he invited me to come over to his assisted living retirement apartment complex to have lunch, meet some of his family, and play the boardgame go. There's a community of old people there who get together and socialize. Every time I visit Japan, I try to visit them if I can and play.

Hope you enjoy because next week is my least favorite episode.
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