Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Space Sheriff Shaider Episode #39

Looks more like New Years than it does Christmas.
Perhaps the most legendary of weird tokusatsu episodes, the "Satan Claus" episode of Space Sheriff Shaider, presented with accurate subtitles for your holiday viewing pleasure.

"Priest Poe of the Fuuma Empire has a wicked plan to destroy the dreams of the children of Earth: by ruining Christmas! When a black suited Santa who calls himself Satan Claus comes to take their presents rather than leave them, he lures the children into an anti-Santa cult! It's up to Shaider and Annie to rescue the children and save Christmas!"

Remember, crucifying Santa Claus upside down and breaking and entering into people's homes is the true meaning of Christmas!
The true meaning of Christmas: beating up monsters.

I used BunnyHat's 10-bit raws for this (thanks!). The audio quality can be pretty bad in some places, but video quality is good.

I can't remember what Over-Time uses for Shaider's transformation phrase, but SHOUKETSU means "sinter", which is a metallurgical process where metal is made solid by applying heat without melting the metal. It's frequently accomplished using... can you guess? Plasma.
Oh God, dad's off his meds again!
This probably is not the weirdest episode of Shaider, but it is certainly up there with them. The subtitles that are out there now are guess subs, almost completely wrong. Tom says it's because the subs were made from the Tagalog dub instead of the Japanese originals.

Whenever you think that you might be doing something strange, remember that in 1986, Toei shot a creepy forest cult scene where children sacrificed Santa Claus to Satan.

Seriously. What the fuck.