Monday, December 7, 2015

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #30

A toddler has gone missing, and kidnapping is suspected. But Hisako discovers an older girl with some similarity to the missing toddler. As Winspector investigates, the mystery begins to deepen, leading them to a terrifying discovery!

This episode features a guest appearance by actor Yutaka Hirose, perhaps best known for his role as the Demon Fist Master, Jin, from Dairanger!

This is a pretty creepy episode. Much better than the previous one. There have been other sci-fi shows that do similar storylines, and Winspector does it very well. The writing in this episode is pretty good.

Actually pretty scary to think about.
There's an interesting thing in this episode: Yutaka Hirose shouts, "You bitch!" while attempting to hit Hisako with a chair in one part. Rebroadcasts and the closed caption on this actually leaves out that line. In the eighties and nineties, Japanese shows had a lot more leeway with what they could have people say and do.

"Kono ama!" is a little strong, and one of the things you don't hear much on TV these days. I just wanted to mention it because it surprised even me to hear it. I wasn't inserting unnecessary swearing like certain other sub groups, what Yutaka Hirose says is the same thing that Jotaro Kujo calls his mom on Jojo, and as you certainly know that's pretty not nice thing to say to someone.

Yutaka Hirose saying words inappropriate for children's TV.
There is a line where the scientist suggests reversing the polarity of the electromagnetic flow. The line is so similar to lines used in Japanese Doctor Who that I treated the reference the same way.

Hope you enjoy this entertaining sci-fi episode featuring one of tokusatsu's most legendary badasses.

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