Monday, January 25, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #36

Bikel begins to behave erratically, manifesting a sudden obsession with fathers. Things take a dramatic turn when he begins to commit crimes with no memories of them. Someone is manipulating Bikel from afar, and the only one who might be able to stop him and save Winspector is Bikel's original programmer! At long last, learn the backstory of the creation of Winspector's Support Droids,and how Bikel came to be the cheerful Nagoya-accented jokester we know and love.

Perhaps the most obvious thing: Nishida, the engineer who programmed Bikel (Dr. Asahina from the Gigastreamer episode was the designer) is played by Kaoru Shinoda, who performs the voice of Bikel. Shinoda is a veteran tokusatsu voice actor who appeared as far back as 1971's "Suki! Suki! Majo-sensei", which was something of a precursor to the Fushigi Comedy shows. He was also the voice of the one of the first monsters in Sentai, Jade Mask on Himitsu Sentai Goranger and appeared either on screen or in voice form in many of the Toei productions from the 70s through late nineties. In recent years, he has appeared in numerous dramas, including the film Shall We Dance, which was remade in Hollywood.

Recent image of Kaoru Shinoda, voice of Bikel, courtesy Japan Talent Agency.

He is indeed from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. This role was a rare opportunity for him to use his actual accent.

Father and son reunited.
 Note that this episode is the return of the much missed leather jacket for Ryoma. This may mean that this cour was filmed before the others with the white jacket, since we're entering the final group of episodes now.

I should mention that this is a Sagiyama episode, who as I've mentioned before can be weird. However, I really think she nailed it on this episode. If you love Bikel, it will hurt you to watch him be forced to do such terrible things, and delight you to see what happens at the end.

Not really necessary for this episode.

This is the first episode I subtitled, but I went back and updated it to be consistent with the "voice" I've written for the characters.

Also, in Japan, what other countries call a "green light" on a traffic signal is called a "blue light" there. They still look green to me...

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  1. "This may mean that this cour was filmed before the others with the white jacket, since we're entering the final group of episodes now."

    I assumed stuff like this was just due to the seasons. The last few episodes are in fall/winter, and the first few were in winter/spring.