Thursday, January 28, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #37

A late night tipoff and a raid on a black market auction dealing in stolen antiquities leads the Winspector team to a former professor of archaeology who is being targeted by a mysterious tribe of Amazon women assassins demanding the return of a tribal artifact. When they use a rare poison on the professor's daughter as a bargaining chip, things get personal. Time is running out for Ryoma and his team!

Oh what a feeling,Toyota! (Google it if you don't get it.)

The premise of this episode is ridiculous. Surprisingly Japanese looking Amazon women from the Peruvian rainforest (Peru does have part of the Amazon, I looked it up) show up in Japan in search of a plundered artifact and use their Peruvian martial arts to beat up everyone. And... it's NOT completely dumb! The writing is snappy, feels like police drama. The action is great, the twists (there are several) are fantastic, and the ending is great too. This is Takahiko Masuda's one episode in Winspector, and it fires on all cylinders.

The Amazons speak decent Japanese, but it's very direct.

By the way, I checked, and the plants they named are made up. Quipu, however, are not made up, and are a part of Incan culture. If you ever watched The Mysterious Cities of Gold, there was a plotline about Zia being able to read quipu for the other characters.

You should watch this show if you haven't.

Ryoma may seem kind of emotionally muted most of the time, but check out the calm fury at the end of this episode. Bikel and Walter don't even get deployed. That's how serious he is.

Hope you enjoy this actually good episode! Two in a week!

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  1. Just found this and I'm super-excited someone's actually subbing Winspector; Metal Heroes subs are tragically few and far between. Thanks so much!