Friday, February 26, 2016


Masked Rider ZO (also known as Kamen Rider ZO).
English Subtitles and Japanese Audio

Translation: Sailor Otaku
Timing: MegaAnon
Raws: BunnyHat

A young boy is pursued by a deadly and unstoppable organism... but another creature appears to be protecting him. Masaru Aso is the Masked Rider ZO, a genetically enhanced human spliced with a grasshopper. In just 45 minutes rather than 50 episodes, you will witness what many have described as the most distilled Kamen Rider experience that exists today. Directed by and featuring monster effects by legendary Japanese character designer Keita Amemiya, this show has visual effects and stunts that still stand up today.

Featuring minor parts by legendary Metal Heroes actors Kenji Ohba (Space Sheriff Gavan), Naomi Morinaga (Annie from Space Sheriff Shaider) and Masaru Yamashita (Ryoma from Special Rescue Police Winspector)!

Do these guys look familar to you? Kenji Ohba's got a stache and no manfro though.
Retranslated, remastered, and in glorious Blu-Ray quality with high quality audio, this is one experience that everyone with even a passing interest in Kamen Rider owes it to themselves to watch!

I know that some people have very strong feelings about "Kamen" vs. "Masked". In the film, the one time "Kamen Rider" is spoken in the film, I call him "The Masked Rider". Please understand, I didn't do it to upset anyone or to reference that Saban show from the 90s. In English materials from 1971's original series to Decade, the character is always referred to as a Masked Rider; W is actually the first show to use "Kamen Rider" in English materials.

If you are asking yourself, "What show should I watch to get into Kamen Rider?" -- watch this first. This is perhaps the most holistic Rider experience. A man is turned into a genetically altered monster and uses his power to fight other genetically altered monsters.

Hope you enjoy. I love this movie.

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  1. Seeing this get subbed again, I'm on board for a re-watch. :)

  2. It's interesting to see animatronics, suits, CGI and stop motion used back to back like this. I'm also not used to watching tokusatsu with a budget, so that was cool.