Thursday, February 25, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #41

The Phantom of the Great Seto Bridge, Part II

The action continues in Part II of Winspector's case in Shikoku! With Junko and a mysterious young boy taken captive by the group of clones, Ryoma and Commander Masaki are forced to find out what the chairman of Kasuga Rayon really knows. Where did these clones come from... and can they be stopped before he releases the deadly TX-3? Don't miss the exciting conclusion!

Notes: Some really creepy special effects in this episode. The story is really interesting, the writing is slick, and the action is intense. It's still firmly grounded in sci-fi rather. A minor plot hole that they don't really explain: how Junko survives her fall, she's just kind of back.

I have a friend who remembers being creeped out as a kid by this episode, particularly the clone birth scenes, but also the suiciding clones when Fire is confronting them.

This was the episode where I realized, 41 episodes in, that Ryoma was saying "Pulse Gun" and not "PlasGun" when firing the beams out of the MaxCalibur. Fortunately he doesn't do it often so I don't have to change much in the batch!

By the way, I was happy to meet those of you I met at Pensacon this past weekend, always great to meet people who love tokusatsu shows and Metal Heroes!

8 episodes left!

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