Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #42

Episode 42: The Turncoat Investigator

It's a potential crisis in the making, as a terrorist organization has successfully smuggled both blueprints and material to make a nuclear bomb into Tokyo. The culprit? A former colleague of Masaki from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police who appears to have gone rogue. Winspector rushes to investigate, but there appears to be a rift in the terrorist organization. Get ready for a tense and high-energy case with everything at stake as Winspector desperately struggles to find and stop The Turncoat Investigator!

This episode is awesome. The action is tense, the writing is slick, and the plot just nails it on every point. Also, there's a foreigner in the episode.

This is one of those episodes where it seems like this episode was written as a crime drama and then they realized, "Oh, we've gotta throw in some super cars and cybersuits for the kiddies." -- because this would have worked as a pure crime story.

Hope you enjoy this amazing episode. We have 7 episodes left! Are you sad?! Well, don't be, it won't be the last we see of Ryoma, Masaki, Bikel, or Walter.

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  1. It's amazing how you're just trucking along with the series. I've so enjoyed this series of Metal Hero. Good luck with that last 7! ~Cel Shade

  2. This episode is so intense, I love it. Thanks for the hard work translating a great series!