Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Special Rescue Police Winspector Episode #43

 Warning to sensitive viewers: the subject matter in this episode is VERY DARK.

A young boy with a sophisticated bomb takes Winspector HQ hostage. The demand? Prove his ex-con father's innocence in a recent crime that's provoked a nationwide manhunt. The only problem is that his father is missing, and the boy's demanding results by 3 pm sharp. The only question is... with serious evidence linking him to the crime, is the boy's father actually innocent? Get ready for the tensest and darkest episode of Winspector yet as the team confronts the Boy Who Became a Bomb.

I have occasionally said that Winspector has a few episodes that would not pass the Japanese equivalent of Network Standards & Practices these days. This is one of them. This episode was prior to the AUM Shinrikyo terrorist attack on the Shinjuku subway, and prior to 9/11. A boy who builds a bomb to manipulate Winspector, and the story doesn't exactly have the most cheerful of endings. A very good episode with very good writing by the master of putting children into terrifying situations, Junichi Miyashita who also wrote the episodes about children being bitten by a snake, falling from a building and needing an operation, being abducted by gangsters, and being a witness to a crime and having the criminal come around to murder you. Certainly not on a children's morning timeslot. It's one thing to have scary monsters threatening to destroy the world, and it's another to have real world violence.

Enjoy this very intense, very realistic, and very dark episode, a relic of a different time in Japanese television. Next episode goes the complete opposite direction and is full on wacky.

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