Sunday, August 7, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #01

The sequel to Special Rescue Police Winspector begins!

One year after Winspector leaves Japan to work with the International Criminal Police Organization in Paris, Commander Shunsuke Masaki has created a new Super Hi-Tech Rescue Command, codenamed Solbrain, as a replacement.

Learning from the mistakes of the past, Solbrain's new suits are slightly less powerful than Winspector's, but have a longer equip time. Additionally, Solbrain is no longer housed within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police building, and a new high tech arsenal of equipment has been designed to support the crew.

Rookie detective Daiki Nishio, internationally trained by the FBI and selected from candidates all over Japan, leads the team against threats that are too dangerous for normal police officers to handle. Utmost is Solbrain's mission: to prevent crime by saving the hearts and souls of criminals.

On Daiki's first case, an unidentified flying object appears over Tokyo and begins to rain destruction on the city. Solbrain springs into action to identify this mysterious craft and save the city before there's nothing left to save!

Solbrain has some amazingly written episodes. I really think you're going to enjoy this show. Some of the storylines just blew me away.

Q & A:
Q. What's a BothWinder?
A. It's a magnet beam grappling hook. As for the name, it's what they named the toy.

Q. What kind of car is the SolGallop?
A. It's a Toyota Sera. The Sera actually had the ”suicide doors" in real life. One thing that is not clear early on in the series is that the SolGallop actually changes form like the WinSquad/FireSquad. It's not quite as obvious because it doesn't change color, but when Daiki uses Plus Up, there's a bubble shaped dome shield that covers the car.

Q. Who's that yellow robot in the opening/ending?
A. SolDozer. You'll see him next episode.

Q. Will we ever see Ryoma, Bikel, and Walter again?
A. Spoilers. ;-)

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  1. thanks a lot!

    i have a question, i can use your subtitles to make a spanish version in my fansub?

    of course, putting the original script belongs to you

    1. Hello Junior,
      Certainly, you can translate it into Spanish! I appreciate the credit for the original translation!

      By the way, if you decide to do Winspector (and when Bikel shows up in Solbrain), just note that you will need to rewrite him to have a regional accent that is not normal Spanish. Maybe he could use Caribbean Spanish instead of regular Spanish?

  2. Super excited for this, Thanks!

  3. Wow, been waiting so excitedly for this, thanks a lot Sailor Otaku!

  4. IT BEGINS! Oh boy HOWDY am I amped that you are translating this. Thank you again, both for your current endeavor and your previous work.

  5. Can post the DDL here? I recently uploaded yours to Openload.

  6. So, here you go: