Sunday, August 14, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #02

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Two sisters with apparent psychic powers, capable of deadly telekinetic bursts, begin an all out assault on the city. Their objective? To take revenge for their prison-bound father by destroying Solbrain. Masaki and Daiki head to the prison to try to convince their father to give up their location. Solbrain's mission is to save the lives and hearts of criminals... but what happens when someone doesn't want to be saved? As the destruction piles up, Solbrain is forced to call for backup. The newest support droid, SolDozer, hits the scene in the explosive conclusion!

Shhh, you can barely see the strings.
This is a fun episode, though the real storyline isn't with the early 90s goth chick sisters themselves, it's with their father. We're still in the "introduce the team and all their abilities" stage, so in this you get introduced to the fact that Jun is a rookie hothead and Kame is a goofball. You'll also see your first scenes of SolDozer in action. I should mention, you might be asking yourself, "Will we be seeing that Solid States launch sequence in every episode to eat up time?" and the answer is, "Yes, until they sell enough toys, and then they pretty much forget about it."




  1. Oh, thank you very much!
    I'm bazilian, and this series was dubbed in portuguese here.
    Now I can watch it in original japanese (with the great english subtitles you do). In name of all fans from Brazil, thank you, guys! (^v^)

  2. DDL:

  3. Thank you for subbing winspector, and please do the same with solbrain, i thought u're indonesian since u're using id as your domain lol,