Sunday, August 28, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #04

"The Amazing Computer Game"

An amazing yet unfinished virtual reality game, capable of transmitting sights and sounds directly into the brain of the player is stolen by a programmer with a grudge against his own company. But the program has a flaw that the programmer aims to solve: prolonged usage can be fatal. Trapped within the virtual reality world, Solbrain must find and rescue the children from a nightmarish dungeon before it's too late to save them!

1500 hours in MS Paint to make a Dark Souls joke.
I'm not going to claim that Solbrain came up with the idea of "people trapped in a VR game that face in real life death or brain death" like popular anime such as .hack, No Game No Life, and Sword Art Online. I say this because Westworld existed long before that, though Westworld was more of an amusement park than a VR simulation like this story is. Is it possible that all of these borrowed the story from Solbrain, or at least were inspired by it? I would say it's possible. This is the earliest "trapped in VR" story that I've run into. If you know of any others, please do let me know. Someone said "Ender's Game" but that's really quite different than this and the others I mentioned.

For an early episode, this is a very solid one. It has kids without being annoying. It uses costumes from other Toei properties without them being out of place. And everything in the story feels believable. In a time when VR is both a real technology and a popular story element, this story is definitely entertaining.
I do have one interesting note to make that you won't hear ANYWHERE ELSE: the original working title for this episode was "I Am a Game Hero". I know this because I own one of the original scripts used in production for this show, and it's crossed out and "The Amazing Computer Game" (Yume no Game Soft) is written in next to it.

Enjoy this great episode. Next one is weird, but entertaining.


  1. Hi. I'm from Thailand and I own VHS that were dubbed in Thai which released like about 20 years ago, and seems like people who translated this episode into Thai used the original working title "I Am a Game Hero."

  2. The actor who played as the suspect in this episode was Kaizu Ryousuke who played as Takeru/Red Mask in Hikari Sentai Maskman. Right?

  3. DDL: