Sunday, September 18, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #07

Solbrain fails in a mission to find a bomb. Somehow, the criminals responsible are using technology that defies the bomb detectors. At the same time, with a bolt of lightning, a boy's deceased inventor grandpa returns to life! As this miraculously returned man rushes to find the parts to complete his invention, they (and Solbrain) discover that this returnee from the afterlife has the ability to sense the presence of the hidden bombs!

"I can't believe this episode either."
Oh boy, here we go. Time to get this out again.

Kyoko Sagiyama, the queen of tearjerkers and melodrama, from Minky Momo and Winspector fame, returns with her first episode that was originally titled "Ghost Grandpa". I have the script for this one, and Ghost Grandpa is crossed out and "The Human Regeneration Machine" is written in. I guess someone told Sagiyama that ghosts don't belong in Rescue Police after she decided to sneak it by. In any case, this episode is pretty typical of Sagiyama episode, in that it is about events that don't really directly involve the Solbrain squad that still gets them involved. That being said it's nice to see that Solbrain isn't perfect. Mistakes do get made. Look at how quietly angry Commander Masaki is after Solbrain fails to find the bomb.

I'll leave it to your own discretion to determine whether you like this episode or not, but I personally find it a little ridiculous. The tearjerker ending (spoilers) is good, and the message of the episode is good, but like with many Sagiyama episodes it really feels like she wants to tell her own story and then include the characters from the main series in her story as a second thought.

Her next episode, episode 18, was slightly better, but her episodes always feel like filler, and a departure from the main story.

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  2. You my friend, are doing Gods work. I've been meaning to e-mail you or comment on here to let you know how happy you've made me! As nerdy as it sounds lol. Long story short a number of years ago I really got into the 90s metal heroes shows but I didn't know Japanese. I constantly watched the Raws of Winspector, Exceedraft and especially Juukou B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto. Now that you've finished Winspector and are currently on Solbrain, you're making my dreams come true dude!! Keep up the great work and hopefully you can keep going until we get to the B-Fighter series!
    (Spoken like a true weeaboo)

  3. Thanks guys for SOLBRAIN!!! And thanks to DenarNaish for the DDLs!

    If anyone wants to do Blue S.W.A.T., I'll help with grunt work!

  4. DDL EPISODE 07: