Sunday, October 23, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #12

Late night. Repeated calls to a little girl whose mother just passed away claiming to BE her dead mother. A sick prank? Or something more? While Solbrain investigates, SolDozer objects to his upcoming transformation sequence programming. How can a human explain to a human that transformation will not change who someone is? And will Solbrain be able to get to the bottom of the late night call case? A chilling and bizarre case awaits!

Notes: I love this episode. The idea of a robot having a crisis of identity over its transformation sequence felt novel. This is one of main writer Noboru Sugimura's episodes, and it definitely showed.

Perhaps words that we can all take to heart.
Not to mention, the story itself is downright creepy. The reveal felt surprisingly shocking.

The entire human experience reduced to 720K double density. Insulting or GREAT COMPRESSION.
I should mention that there is a CGI sequence in this episode, which for the year 1991, was surprisingly advanced. I have no idea how much rendering time or expense was involved in this short sequence, but I was very impressed by it. And you won't see it used as stock footage very much. I have this strange feeling that they really tried to sell SolDozer in this show, and either the writers didn't know how to write episode for him, or they'd just rather write for the humans. There's a scene in a later episode where a child just outright ignores SolDozer. I wonder if that's a subtle commentary on his reception.


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