Sunday, October 9, 2016

WEEABOO SHOGUN PRESENTS: Super Rescue Solbrain #10

Jun befriends an old man who's being menaced by local punks. At the same time, a seemingly random rash of arsons strikes Tokyo. Evidence indicates that this old man may very well be one of the responsible parties. But why? An issue that concerns modern Japan even today is at the heart of the Pure Hearted Arson Squad.

I love this episode. Like most of Nobuo Ogizawa's episodes, it may seem silly on the surface, but it addresses something that is at the heart of Japanese culture: the aging of society, and the increasing marginalization of the elderly. Elderly make up a large portion of the Japanese society because their life expectancy is high, and the birth rate is statistically quite low. And you've probably noticed it yourself: Japan is a nation that celebrates youth. Popular media celebrates and even glorifies high school life and youth in general. Japan was almost completely devastated after World War II, and the young people of that generation rebuilt literally everything, and built it into the powerhouse economy that it became. And yet -- and this can be said to be a situation in every modern country -- are they even acknowledged?

Ask yourself: what lesson is Commander Masaki trying to instill in Jun, the youngest team member, by making him be the one to conduct the arrest?

When I've been in Japan, I've talked to some elderly people and heard some amazing stories about what life was like after the war. I met a person who was saved from the Hiroshima blast by being overseas at the time. Go talk to a war veteran for a while sometime, ask them questions about what life was like back then. It'll make you have a greater appreciation for what you have.

An interesting serious episode. We get no Plus Up for the first time because the power suit action really takes the back seat to the story. Nobuo Ogizawa continues to hit them out of the park.

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